Week 11: Mind Shift: How Much Freedom to Give Kids With Ipads?

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index2More and more schools are moving towards 1:1 technology with their students, specifically on Ipads.  I think that integration of these devices are great, but the question remains, how much freedom should students get on them? The blog Mind Shift discusses just how schools are handling this issue.  Some schools allow students to take the devices home, hoping that this will help close the gap between wealthier students and students who are less fortunate.  The problem arises however, what sites are the students going to be allowed on?  By law, the school has to block certain sites, but other sites are up for discussion, such as youtube and social media sites.  One teacher said that it should be a classroom management issue.  He said that he needs access to certain sites that other teachers may have no use for, and vice versa.  He said that students will find a way around the firewalls, so you just have to monitor the students web surfing and lay down and enforce the rules when they break them.